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Apple's First Vision Pro Ad Tells The World To 'Get Ready' To Put On A Headset

Apple's First Vision Pro Ad Tells The World To 'Get Ready' To Put On A Headset

Apple released a teaser ad for Vision Pro cleverly telling viewers to "get ready" to put on a headset.

The teaser, titled Get Ready, features a series of clips from popular movies where characters don goggles, helmets, eye masks, and visors. It ends, of course, with a model putting on Apple Vision Pro, revealing the visionOS home screen in passthrough.

It even includes the scene from Star Wars (Episode IV) wherein Obi-Wan Kenobi puts a headset on Luke Skywalker and tells him to "let go of your conscious self and act on instinct" to harness the force, likely referencing Vision Pro's look-and-pinch interaction system that some who have tried it described as akin to telekinesis.

It's important to remember that a significant portion of the population, even in the US, have never even worn an XR headset, and many who have only briefly tried a phone holder like Samsung Gear VR or a plastic version of Google Cardboard. There is still widespread skepticism towards the idea of wearing a headset on your face, even for many tech enthusiasts, and much of Apple's marketing in the coming years will likely be aimed at normalizing it.

Apple doesn't actually describe Vision Pro as a headset at all though, interestingly enough, instead calling it a "spatial computer".

The Get Ready ad is also an obvious callback to the "Hello" teaser for the original iPhone, shown at the 2007 Oscars, which featured a series of clips from movies where characters picked up a phone and said "hello", ending with a screen showing an incoming call on the iPhone.


The original iPhone "Hello" ad.

That Apple would echo this format for Vision Pro could suggest the company has major long-term ambition for its new platform, and it's already channeling its world-class marketing team to introduce the relatively new form factor to the wider world.

Apple Vision Pro Launches In The US On February 2
Apple Vision Pro will launch in the US on February 2, and preorders open on January 19, next Friday.

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