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Tiger Blade Brings 'Slash-N- Dash' Action To Quest In Early 2024

Tiger Blade VR Game

Following its PSVR 2 launch last year, Tiger Blade brings its Korean neo-noir inspired action game to Quest this year.

Developed by Ikimasho Games, Tiger Blade sees you playing as an assassin working for the Tiger Clans' Horangi chapter. Set in an alternate Korea, you're tasked with slashing your way through thugs and hoodlums across the streets of Sewoon to steal a mysterious package. Previously released on PSVR 2 last December, the studio confirms its now coming to Quest.

Each level features a scoring and ranking system, online leaderboards, secondary objectives and a speedrunning focus, while the action plays to the beat of Korean hip-hop. On PlayStation Blog, Ikimasho Games explains you must swap between sword and pistol combat "on-the-fly" with "slash ‘n’ dash" action, auto-dashing to the next area and grappling towards designated spots.

Tiger Blade is out now on PSVR 2, while the Quest port currently targets Q1 2024.

Notice: This article was initially published on September 29, 2023. It was updated on January 16, 2024, to reflect the PSVR 2 launch and Quest port.

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