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Best PSVR 2 Games – Top 25 Games & Experiences (Winter 2023)

Best PSVR 2 Games – Top 25 Games & Experiences (Winter 2023)

Looking for the best PlayStation VR2 games available on Sony’s new headset? Here’s our full list of the top 25 best PSVR 2 games for PS5.

At launch, PSVR 2 came running through the door with a fairly hefty library of VR games and exclusive titles. Since then, the PSVR 2 library has received a few new ports and exclusives across its first year. We're continually trying out as many experiences as possible to keep our list of the best PSVR 2 games updated and our Winter 2023 update is here.

Across the list, we’ve tried to represent titles across various genres, showcasing the best picks in each and ranking all 25 games in ascending order. There are some obvious picks and first-party exclusives you might expect to appear, but there’s also a pleasant selection of hidden gems from indie developers as well. Some of the games are also available on other platforms such as Quest 2 or the original PSVR, but often offer improved visuals and other upgrades on PSVR 2.

Without further ado, here are our Winter 2023 picks for the top 25 best PSVR 2 games available right now.

Keep an eye out for more updates in the future – we're constantly trying out new games and releases to add to our list.

25. Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge – Enhanced Edition

Two years after its release on Quest 2, both parts of Tales from the Galaxy's Edge get combined into this new 'enhanced' release on PSVR 2. The resulting package is one that lacks new content but does receive visual upgrades that push it far above its Quest 2 counterpart. It features more detail in character models and environments, with better lighting and a higher level of detail overall. It doesn't sound like much, but it comes together to create a much more immersive experience that Star Wars fans should enjoy.

Read more: Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition PSVR 2 Hands-On
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge - Enhanced Edition PSVR 2 Hands-On: Black Spire Looks Better Than Ever
Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition on PlayStation VR2 brings a significant visual overhaul to the former Quest exclusive. Here’s our hands-on preview of this PSVR 2 launch game. It’s been two years since Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge first released,

24. No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky is notorious for its rocky launch in 2016. Since then, however, the game received VR support and a wealth of updates that have turned it into an expansive survival space simulator. Recent updates also overhauled many of the VR mechanics, adding new interaction methods and immersive menus.

On PSVR 2, No Man's Sky brings the entire experience across to the next generation. Recent updates even improved the image quality and added foveated rendering, so the game now looks better than ever on PSVR 2.

If you want to explore an infinite, endless universe in VR, look no further – No Man's Sky is the perfect fit.

Read more: No Man's Sky PSVR 2 Review / No Man's Sky Adds Foveated Rendering On PSVR 2 / No Man’s Sky PSVR 2 Update Brings 'Significant Improvement To Image Quality'
Platforms: PlayStation Store

No Man’s Sky PSVR 2 Review: Jumping to Hyperspeed
No Man’s Sky added PSVR 2 support to coincide with the headset’s launch last month, but how does the game hold up?

23. Humanity

Take control of a Shiba Inu to guide swathes of people from point A to B in a series of intriguing, atmospheric puzzles. Co-produced by Enhance Games and tha Limited and executive produced by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Humanity isn't designed solely for VR – you can play it flatscreen on your TV as well – but the entire campaign is playable in VR Mode from start to finish on PSVR 2.

This is a truly entertaining puzzle release, with puzzles based around issuing commands that direct mindless walking humans to an end goal, with optional extra challenges along the way. There's also support to create and share custom levels online, but you'll only be able to play, not create, custom levels in-headset. Sadly, the level creator currently isn't supported in VR Mode.

Read more: Humanity Features Fantastic Puzzles, A Brilliant Toolset & Serviceable VR Mode
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Humanity: Fantastic Puzzles With A Serviceable VR Mode
Humanity released this week, featuring a enjoyable VR mode that misses some key opportunities. Read more here:

22. Tentacular

One of the hidden gems on Quest, Tentacular is now available on PSVR 2 and looks better than ever. This wonderful VR kaiju game features interesting physics-based puzzles and a whole lot of heart. Not only does it bring its VR-first design over to PSVR 2, but looks incredibly crisp on the new headset. Plus, the game cleverly uses eye tracking on PSVR 2 to allow quick dialogue navigation and menu selection, which is a nice quality-of-life update.

Read more: Tentacular Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Tentacular Review: A VR Kaiju Game With Heart, Hilarity And Substance
Easily dismissed at a glance, you’d be a sucker to miss Tentacular’s wonderful brand of intricate interaction and technical complexity. More in our Tentacular review! Tentacular risks being pigeon-holed. It’s easy to look at this kaiju game and see flashes of Goat or Surgeon Simulator; fun for

21. Red Matter 2

The original Red Matter set a new benchmark for visuals on the Quest standalone system, and then the sequel did the same on Quest 2. With its arrival on PSVR 2, Vertical Robot 2 bumps up Red Matter 2 once again, harnessing the power of PS5 to push the visuals even further.

The PSVR 2 release features 4K remastered textures for sharper environments, 120fps support (native, not 120Hz reprojected) and eye-tracked foveated rendering, culminating in a stunning final result.

Visuals aside, the game offers an entertaining sci-fi adventure with an intriguing story, enjoyable puzzles and passable combat. If you haven't played Red Matter 2, this PSVR 2 release is the definitive experience.

Read more: Red Matter 2 Review / Red Matter 2 PSVR 2 Hands-On
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Hands-On: Red Matter 2 Hits New Heights On PSVR 2
Red Matter 2 lands on PSVR 2 this week, offering a definitive version of this VR sci-fi adventure. Here are our impressions:

20. Job Simulator

One of VR's earliest titles and a consistent best seller on the original PSVR, Job Simulator is still a shining example of excellent VR-first design. This is an experience for everyone, easily enjoyed by those fresh to VR or those who are seasoned veterans.

Featuring sharp writing and wacky satirical gameplay, Job Simulator performances flawlessly and looks visually crisp on PSVR 2. It's easy to see why it stayed high on the original PSVR charts for so long, and even with many new releases and exclusives since its original debut, this latest PSVR 2 of Job Simulator release remains a solid pick.

Platforms: PlayStation Store

19. C-Smash VRS

This VR reboot of Cosmic Smash adapts an arcade classic for PSVR 2, mixing Squash and Breakout with a first-person perspective. The concept is simple – hit balls at the colored pads spread across the space station – but full of arcade-like charm.

There's a solo 'Journey' mode, which sees you play through a quick campaign across five planetary orbits with two difficulty options. If you're looking for online multiplayer, then there's four modes including Head-to-Head (who can hit the most panels), Firewall (tagging and holding zones to accumulate points), Bodyshot (directly hitting your opponent through narrow stages) and Quickshot (growing blocks that grant more points when they're smaller).

While the gameplay doesn't have significant depth, C-Smash VRS finds strength in simplicity, bolstered by its slick presentation.

Read more: C-Smash VRS Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

C-Smash VRS Review - The Future Is Retro
With stylish visuals and enjoyable multiplayer, C-Smash VRS is a fine PSVR 2 remake for a SEGA arcade classic. Our full review:

18. Another Fisherman's Tale

Another Fisherman's Tale is the second installment in this puzzle series from Innerspace VR, following on from the mind-bending original's release in 2019.

Players will once again embody fisherman Bob, this time as he ventures out from the lighthouse and into brand new territory – both in terms of setting and gameplay. New mechanics allow you to detach parts of Bob's body from yourself and operate them independently around the environment to solve puzzles and reach new locations.

Experience with the first game isn't necessarily required, and even though this sequel doesn't always hit the same peaks as its predecessor, it presents a wider scope with plenty of original ideas across an enjoyable few hours.

Read more: Another Fisherman's Tale Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Another Fisherman’s Tale Review: Limbs Overboard In This Innovative Sequel
Another Fisherman’s Tale is available today on Quest, PC VR and PSVR 2. Here’s our full review:

17. What the Bat?

What the Bat? was easily one of the best indie VR releases of 2022, so much so that we awarded it the title of our VR Game of the Year. On PSVR 2, the game remains as engaging and hilarious as ever. It's dipping in charm and creativity, placing you in a bunch of scenarios where you're given a pair of baseball bat hands and tasked with doing almost anything besides actually playing baseball.

It's a deceptively complex game that begs to be shown to family and friends who might be interested in VR. With spectator mode on the TV, PSVR 2 is the perfect fit to play What the Bat? with a room for of friends, passing the headset from person-to-person.

Read more: What the Bat? Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

What The Bat? Review: A Home Run
Very few games have ever made me smile the way What The Bat? did. The second game in the What the _? series of sports-inspired games from Danish developer Triband, What The Bat? presents an experience dripping in charm and creativity that’s only held back by a slightly shaky transition

16. Moss: Book I & Book II

So yes, technically these are two separate games. We're slightly cheating by combining them here, but to be fair, they are two releases that form one larger story and are both fairly similar in terms of gameplay. The original Moss, now known as Moss: Book I, released on the original PSVR and has since made its way across many VR platforms and headsets.

Its sequel, Moss: Book II, released last year, expanding on the platforming concepts of the original in some places and continuing on threads from the first game. Together, they form a wonderful VR platforming experience and feature PSVR 2-specific upgrades, such as subtle uses of eye tracking and improved visuals compared to the original releases. Book I and Book II are both available on PSVR 2, either in a bundle or purchased separately.

Read more: Moss Review / Moss: Book 2 Review
Platforms: Moss on PlayStation Store / Moss: Book 2 on PlayStation Store / Moss Bundle on PlayStation Store

Moss: Book 2 Review - A Satisfying Sequel That Leaves More Room To Grow
Moss: Book 2 takes the logical steps to improve upon the first game, resulting in a stronger sequel. But there’s still much more room for Quill and friends to grow. Read on for our Moss: Book 2 review. Moss: Book 2 moves the needle on for Quill and developer

15. Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice

As far as immersive first-person campaigns go, Vampire is one of the best available on PSVR 2. Set in the World of Darkness universe, this Dishonored-style stealth game puts you in shoes of Justice, a vampire from the Banu Haqim clan seeking answers after a mysterious murder.

With a 10-15 hour campaign, Vampire: The Masquerade offers top-notch audiovisuals and a compelling amount of freedom in how you approach missions. There's a bunch of vampire-based mechanics and abilities to choose from, letting you set stealth traps or jump fang-first into the action. It's not without faults – there's some clunky design and occasional odd AI behavior, but nothing that can't be forgiven. Those seeking a solid vampire adventure through the canals of Venice should find themselves satisfied with what Justice has to offer.

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Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice Review – Quest & PSVR 2
Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice arrives later this week on Quest and PSVR 2. Read our review here:

14. Beat Saber

Does it even need an introduction? Beat Saber is the seminal VR rhythm game, inescapable with an omnipotent hold on almost every VR platform since it first released in 2018.

While PSVR 2 initially launched without Beat Saber, the game recently launched for Sony's new headset with improved visuals and great haptic support via the Sense controllers. Even better, cross-buy support with the original PSVR release means that existing players on PSVR can swap over to the PSVR 2 version for free and retain all their DLC purchases as well.

Read more: Beat Saber 2022 Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Beat Saber Review 2022: Seminal VR Title Remains As Relevant As Ever
With regular updates, DLC releases and changes to the game since launch, Beat Saber remains VR’s poster child. Read on for our updated Beat Saber review for Quest 2, PSVR and PC VR. Years of Dominance It’s hard to understate Beat Saber’s influence on the VR industry.

13. Pavlov

Pavlov has long been a favorite among PC VR players, but now it's also available on PSVR 2.

The game is a VR first-person shooter experience modeled after Counter-Strike. That means that while it does have limited offline single player modes, it's best experienced online with its variety of team-based FPS game modes. Pavlov is a shooter based around precision, balancing itself between realism and engaging gameplay mechanics. The guns feel fantastic to use and playing online with friends will be your best bet for ongoing entertainment – there's little in the way of progression, nor is there any kind of true campaign to work through.

Unlike Pavlov Shack on Quest, which brings a 'lite' version of the game to standalone hardware, Pavlov brings the full PC VR experience to PSVR 2, with support for cross-play with PC players as well. The only missing part is the mod support available on PC VR, meaning that the current game modes are the extent of what you'll be playing.

Read more: Pavlov VR Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Pavlov VR Review – Straight Shooter On PSVR 2
Pavlov is a solid VR multiplayer shooter that thrives in its tactile interactions and gunplay.

12. Kayak VR: Mirage

Kayak VR is a quiet highlight of the PSVR 2 launch lineup, offering a stunning visual presentation and a relaxing experience across locations four locations: Papagayo, Antartica, Bjørnøya and Australia. There's a competitive multiplayer mode, but it's free roam where the game shines, allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. It may not feature a fully-fledged campaign or an extensive selection of game modes, but Kayak VR is one of the most relaxing VR experiences available on the platform and a joy to look at from every angle.

Read more: Kayak VR: Mirage PSVR 2 Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Kayak VR: Mirage PSVR 2 Review – Calm Waters Ahead
Following its PC VR release last year, Kayak VR: Mirage now arrives on PlayStation VR2. Developed by Better Than Life, how does this visually stunning physics-based sim fare on the new PS5 headset? Here’s our full review. Kayak VR is my biggest surprise among the PSVR 2 launch titles.

11. The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

Another PSVR 2 exclusive, this release from Supermassive Games sees you take part in some arcade shooter gameplay while traveling aboard a horror-themed rollercoaster. You'll play through several scary scenarios, with a plethora of villains and jump scares to keep you on the edge of your seat. It features entertaining, arcade gun mechanics reminiscent of The House of the Dead, alongside some fantastic horror theme park scenarios that feel ripped out of a dark version of Disneyland.

While it's not the most visually impressive title on the list, nor is it the longest campaign ever, it's nonetheless an engaging horror shooter with fantastic enemy designs and some brilliant settings. After Supermassive acknowledged some users were experience visual issues at launch, a patch arrived mid-July that addressed low-resolution visuals and asset popping, as well as adding support for foveated rendering.

Read more: Switchback VR Review / Switchback VR Patch With Visual Fixes & Foveated Rendering Releases This Week
Platforms: PlayStation Store

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Review – Arcade Horror
The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR is available now for PSVR 2, featuring engaging arcade horror gameplay aboard a spooky rollercoaster.

10. Arizona Sunshine 2

Arizona Sunshine 2 is a fantastic VR campaign featuring pitch perfect writing, acting, pacing and outstanding action. It's everything you hope for in a sequel, taking everything that worked in the original and refining it to near-perfection. This time, you'll be joined on your adventure by canine companion Buddy, who you'll use for crowd control during intense action sequences and develop a relationship with across the course of the campaign.

This follow up to one of VR's seminal early hits reanimates the zombie genre and brings with it some of the most engaging and accessible arcade violence we've seen in VR. Plus, the entire campaign is playable in two-player co-op, just like the first game. Whether you're looking to dismember some zombies alone or with friends, Arizona Sunshine 2 is a great pick.

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Arizona Sunshine 2 Review: Reanimating A Dying Genre
Arizona Sunshine 2 launches this week on Quest, PSVR 2 and PC VR. Here’s our review:

9. Walkabout Mini Golf

If you're looking for proof that mini golf works well in VR, then look no further than Walkabout Mini Golf. Developers Mighty Coconut have created an experience that accurately represents mini golf, while also going far beyond what's physically possible with the game in real life. This ticks all the boxes – there's new courses every couple months and extensive multiplayer support, including support for cross-platform play and guest passes for DLC courses.

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Platforms: PlayStation Store

Walkabout Mini Golf Review: Essential VR Worth Scheduling With Friends
Walkbout Mini Golf is out today on PSVR 2 and one of VR’s essential games on any platform. Our review:

8. Synapse

This PSVR 2 exclusive from veteran VR studio nDreams will make you feel like a gun-wielding Jedi , thanks to creative use of the headset's eye tracking technology. The highlight of this roguelike shooter is the telekinetic abilities – intuitively select items around the environment by just looking at them, then launch them at enemies using motion controls.

The gameplay would benefit from a bit more variety, but it's a visually stunning release and the eye tracking implementation results in some super satisfying combat.

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Platforms: PlayStation Store

Synapse Review - Mind Games Are Afoot
Synapse is a strong roguelite shooter that makes you feel like a PSVR 2 Jedi but it needs more variety. Our full review:

7. Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip is one of VR's longest-running and well updated games across all platforms. Luckily, it shines on PSVR 2, looking fantastic and taking advantage of PSVR 2's unique features such as adaptive triggers in the Sense controllers, which gives you a 'more realistic firing experience.' Headset haptics on PSVR 2 also add to the immersion, letting you truly feel each time you get shot and giving those moments a much greater sense of impact.

For those who aren't aware, Pistol Whip is the beautiful intersection between rhythm games, Superhot-like action and Matrix-style cinematic flair. You'll move along on-rails scenes with enemies popping up to a pumping soundtrack – your task is not just to shoot the enemies as they approach, but do so in time with the beat of the music.

It's a fantastic concept and developers Cloudhead Games continue to expand the game with numerous free content updates and expansions, making it a great option for PSVR 2 players.

Read more: Pistol Whip Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Pistol Whip Review: Cloudhead’s Addictive Rhythm Shooter Hits A Bullseye
My first words to Cloudhead CEO Denny Unger after playing an early version of Pistol Whip: “Holy $&#%”. After dozens of hours in the game that still sums up my overall impression. [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A standard Pistol Whip play session for me is at least half

6. Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes is a tragic yet beautiful narrative experience, with the VR version available exclusively on PSVR 2. It's a unique 90-minute story, with an eye tracking mechanic that is unlike any other use of the technology. You're transported back into the memories of the protagonist Benny, experiencing them from his first-person perspective as they happened. The catch is that every time you blink, the story moves forward. Sometimes it's just a moment, sometimes it's a jump forward a few years into the future.

What follows is a unique, compelling and innovative VR experience that demonstrates how the medium can tell stories that movies, games and other media can't. Plus, it's a controller-free experience and very little artificial movement, making it an accessible experience to almost anyone.

Read more: Before Your Eyes VR Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Before Your Eyes VR Review – Sublime Immersive Narrative
Before Your Eyes is a sublime narrative experience for PSVR 2 that leverages eye tracking technology to tell an emotional story about life, death and everything in between.

5. Demeo

Demeo, the tabletop dungeon crawler RPG from Resolution Games, remains one of the best social VR games across all platforms, and its PSVR 2 release is up there with the best. Not only does the game support cross-platform play – so you can team up with players on Quest or PC VR – but it also looks better than ever on PSVR 2. There's no jagged edges to be seen and the game looks better than ever, thanks to the PSVR 2's OLED display with HDR support, allowing for much deeper blacks than you'll get on a headset like Quest 2.

With several expansions available since release, Demeo offers players a wealth of content and an engaging social experience among the best that VR has to offer. On PSVR 2, it's the best non-exclusive release so far. On PS5, you also have the option to play flatscreen as well – the best of both worlds.

Read more: Demeo Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Demeo Review - A Social VR Masterclass In An Engaging Tabletop RPG
Is Resolution Games’ most ambitious VR title yet its best? Find out in our Demeo review! Demeo is one of those times it works. Y’know, it; the whole promise of leapfrogging the miles between friends and family and experiencing a genuine social connection in virtual space via the magic

4. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the most potent racing sims to ever grace VR and it's available exclusively for PSVR 2. While the menus display on a flat screen in-headset, the races and gameplay itself will take place in full, immersive VR – it's a sight to behold. Not only is the game stunning, but offers fantastic racing simulation with various levels of difficulty and a full campaign and many other mode, all available in VR. For racing fans, this is an absolute must.

Read more: Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2 Review.
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Gran Turismo 7 PSVR 2 Review – Start Your Engines
Gran Turismo 7, Sony’s flagship racing series, arrives as a PSVR 2 launch title. Available as a free update for existing PS5 owners, here’s our full review. Gran Turismo Sport promised greater things to come on PSVR. With VR support limited to 1v1 races against an AI opponent

3. Resident Evil Village

Village marks the second mainline Resident Evil game to get VR support, after Biohazard launched with PSVR support in 2017. Much like Biohazard, Village is a phenomenal launch title for PSVR 2 and an amazing horror shooter with a fully-fledged campaign that is captivating from start to finish.

It's particularly impressive given that the game was designed for flatscreen platforms first, however that also means that it features sequences that might be fairly intense for new VR users. Expect your head and field of view to be quickly repositioned, shoved and moved around without notice. Nonetheless, the well-paced campaign, gorgeous visuals and engaging gunplay make Resident Evil Village easily one of the best experiences on PSVR 2 right now.

Read more: Resident Evil 8 Village VR Review.
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Resident Evil Village PSVR 2 Review – Stunning & Engaging
Resident Evil 8 for PlayStation VR2 features intense action alongside stunning visuals that are “a stark and shocking leap” over standalone.

2. Resident Evil 4 Remake

Yes, we know – there's two Resident Evil campaigns right next to each other on the same list. However, both games deserve their spots right at the top. While Village is a fantastic campaign in its own right, the VR Mode for Resident Evil 4 Remake is the definitive way to play an all-time classic in VR.

This is actually the second version of Resident Evil 4 in VR – the first being Amature's 2021 port of the original for Quest. However, this new release gives players the option to experience Capcom's recent remake, which features updated gameplay and modern visuals, in VR Mode for PSVR 2.

While this version of the game still doesn't completely escape the trappings of its third-person origins, it nonetheless presents a thrilling, non-stop campaign with excellent action and stunning console-powered visuals. It's Capcom's best Resident Evil campaign in VR to date.

Read more: Resident Evil 4 Remake VR Review: The Definitive VR Version Of A Non-Stop, Thrilling Campaign

Resident Evil 4 Remake VR Review: The Definitive VR Version
Resident Evil 4 Remake’s VR Mode is simply a must for any PSVR 2 owner. Here’s our full review:

1. Horizon Call of the Mountain

It's a tough call to pick a number one on this list, but Horizon just edges out the others to take the top spot. This PSVR 2-exclusive is one of the most visually stunning and dense VR experiences available, with some stunning environments that feature a level of detail rivaling Half-Life: Alyx.

While the gameplay isn't necessarily revelatory for VR, it is nonetheless incredibly polished and a stunning experience to behold in-headset. For any PSVR 2 owner, Horizon Call of the Mountain is a must-have.

Read More: Horizon Call of the Mountain Review
Platforms: PlayStation Store

Horizon Call of the Mountain Review: A Stunning Showcase For PSVR 2
Horizon Call of the Mountain headlines a strong start for PlayStation VR2, showcasing the headset’s new features through an engaging action-adventure. Here’s our full review. Launch games are critical for any new platform. First impressions only happen once and while PlayStation VR2 boasts impress…

December 21 2023 update: Removed After The Fall, Zenith and Unplugged. Added Arizona Sunshine 2, RE4VR, Vampire Masquerade. Made slight changes to list order.

July 3 2023 update: Removed Cities VR, Rez Infinite, Tetris Effect, Puzzling Places, The Light Brigade, Song in the Smoke and Zombieland: Reloaded from the list. Added Humanity, Another Fisherman's Tale, Red Matter 2, Beat Saber, Walkabout Mini Golf, C-Smash VRS and Synapse. Adjusted the order of entries.

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