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Top 25 Best Meta Quest 3 Games

Here are our picks for the top 25 best Quest 3 games available now.

Our list of best Quest 2 games and best Quest 3 games will be updated and maintained separately. There will be some crossover, but with a few key differences. On Quest 3, our recommendations will be slightly different, taking into account upgraded visuals, mixed reality experiences, better performance and featuring some newer releases that shine on the new headset.

While we'll still update and add to it while it remains supported, we want our list of Quest 2 recommendations to stand as an insight into what the best VR games were for that generation on that specific headset. That's why we've tried to approach our Quest 3 list with a fresh perspective: we want it to feel like a good representation of games that play best on this generation of standalone VR.

For games that were previously released on Quest 2, we've often linked our original reviews of those games in our recommendations below. However, where appropriate, we've also included links to footage and articles detailing Quest 3-specific changes or enhancements, or updates that added significant new content since our review.

25. A Fisherman's Tale

This mind-bending puzzle game redefined the limits of first-person VR puzzles, featuring a staggering array of creative scenarios and scale-based puzzles. The game takes place in a lighthouse, with its best puzzles uses a miniature model of the building that contains a mini-me version of yourself, mirroring your every move. What follows is a set of mind-bending scenarios that nearly break you brain at every turn, paired with a poignant story about self-acceptable.

It's a short and sharp puzzle game and an instant classic of the genre that is worth checking out. If you're still keen for more after finishing the game, then you can also take a look at the sequel, Another's Fisherman's Tale.

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A Fisherman’s Tale Review: A Perfect Storm Of VR Puzzling
I would have never pegged Innerspace as the one to crack the code. True, the Firebird series is a compelling exhibition of VR art, but who’d have bet on this small indie studio as the first to unify VR’s core pillars? To bring inventive, platform-driven gameplay, medium-rooted narrative

24. Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game

Set in the universe of Paradox Interactive's strategy game Stellaris, this VR roguelite spin-off from Fast Travel Games sees you command a spaceship from the third-person through diorama-style levels.

You'll fight enemies, encounter hostile and friendly creatures, and investigate planets, all while collecting EXP and scraps to upgrade your ship for current and successive runs. For fans of roguelites, Ghost Signal is a stand-out entry in the genre on Quest.

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Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game Review
Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game brings the hit Paradox series to VR with an action roguelite spin-off.

23. Red Matter 2

When it released on Quest 2, Red Matter 2 was one of the most impressive visual showcases available on the headset. Thanks to the developers at Vertical Robot, it now looks even better on Quest 3.

The Quest 3 update brings "console-quality" enhancements to the sci-fi adventure on Quest 3, with increased rendering resolution, 4K textures, dynamic shadows and much more. It's a stunning achievement for what was already one of the most visually-impressive standalone VR releases.

The gameplay itself is fairly slow in pace, focused on environmental puzzles and occasional combat. It doesn't always land – some of the puzzles begin to frustrate, especially toward the end – but the beautiful sci-fi vistas and detailed environments often smooth over frustrations caused by occasional gameplay hiccups.

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Red Matter 2 Review: Stunning Visuals Drive An Engaging Sci-Fi Sequel
If Red Matter set a new benchmark for visuals on standalone VR hardware, then Red Matter 2 had big shoes to fill, especially on Quest 2. Thankfully, it’s more than up to the task. In fact, Red Matter 2 is the most impressive visual showcase available on Quest 2

22. Samba de Amigo: Virtual Party

There's plenty of rhythm games available on VR headsets, but Samba de Amigo: Virtual Party is a compelling new member of the line-up.

Marking SEGA's first major foray into VR, Virtual Party brings the classic Samba de Amigo franchise into a new medium. You'll be shaking your maracas to the beat, lining up with six markers in front of you, as well as making poses or completing movements to build combo and achieve a high score.

There's 40 songs in the base game, including tracks from high-profile artists like Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Rina Sawayama, Ricky Martin, Bon Jovi and more. It's a great selection that leans heavily into 2010s upbeat pop – it's hard to resist a rhythm game that includes Nicki, Ari and Jessie's iconic pop girl team-up Bang Bang.

The biggest drawback is the fairly lackluster multiplayer options, but Virtual Party is still engaging enough to prove that the classic franchise is a perfect fit for VR.

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Samba De Amigo VR Review - Strong Rhythm With Multiplayer Missteps
Samba De Amigo gains much from its VR adaptation on Quest, but disappointing multiplayer options let it down. Our full review:

21. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

There is no denying that The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is one the best campaigns available on the Quest system – it's been that way since it first released on Quest a few years back. However, it's yet to receive a Quest 3 upgrade with boosted visual and graphics enhancements.

We know that an update for Quest 3 is in the works, but it won't arrive for a few weeks still.

That said, there is a lot to love about Saints & Sinners – it sets the bar for VR zombie games with fantastic physics-based combat and a meaty campaign set across the remains of New Orleans. The Quest port was top tier when it first released for previous headsets, so it's a shame that Quest 3 enhancements aren't available yet. If you can't wait, then there's a lot to love about the game already and it should run as expected – but if it were us, we'd be holding off until that visual boost arrives next month.

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The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Review - The Best Zombie Apocalypse To Date (Updated 2021)
With two big updates under its belt, there’s never been a better time to get into The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Read on for our 2021 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners review! Note: This is an updated review based on The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners after its second free

20. Unplugged

Unplugged is a Guitar Hero-style game in which you strum notes arriving to the beat. But, instead of holding a plastic peripheral in your hand, the Quest version of the game relies entirely on hand-tracking.

When you hit a streak, Unplugged is a genuinely empowering air guitar experience that will have you shredding with the best of them, and it's only got better over time as the tech improves. It's got a fantastic tracklist of rock classics and the hand tracking, for the most part, is now reliable enough for the experience to work as intended.

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Unplugged Review 2022: Thrilling Air Guitar With Unmatched Hand Tracking Capabilities
With support for Meta’s Hand Tracking 2.0 update, Unplugged is more responsive than ever, surpassing every other hand tracking game on Quest. Here’s our updated Unplugged review. Note: This review was originally published on release in October 2021. In May 2022, we updated the review to reflect

19. Population: One

Population: One is VR's version of Fortnite – and it's done really well. Matches take place on a huge map where squads of three battle it out to be the last ones standing. It's a solid shooter with great VR mechanics for climbing and flying – however, that also means it can be an intense experience in terms of comfort for some players.

If you want a competitive shooter fix with a Fornite-like battle royale structure, Population: One is your best bet. It has cross-play support with other headsets and is now free-to-play on Quest, so you can jump in without paying a cent. Even better, developers Big Box VR also issued an update that bumps up the resolution, runs at 90FPS and increases the LOD distance.

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Population: One Review - The New King Of VR Battle Royale Shooters
After spending plenty of time with the multiplayer-only VR battle royale shooter, here is our full Population: One review. We played on Oculus Quest 2, but it’s crossplay between Quest 1, Quest 2, and PC VR headsets with cross-buy on Rift and Quest. Out of every game that released

18. Among Us VR

Among Us VR brings the viral flatscreen sensation into VR on Quest 2, translating the original game brilliantly. It adds new depth to the experience, featuring top-tier VR design and the added immersion of experiencing this social whodunit in virtual reality means that it offers something familiar yet original compared to the flatscreen release. There's also features cross-platform play between VR platforms, so you can play alongside your friends on PC VR, Pico and PSVR 2.

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Among Us VR Review: Deception & Detection In Another Dimension
Among Us VR is available now on Steam and the Quest Store from Schell Games. Is this VR’s new party game or will it become a ghost ship? Read our full review below. Schell Games is about as veteran a VR game studio as you can find. Its two

17. Asgard's Wrath 2

Asgard's Wrath 2 offers impressive scale on an uncharted level previously unseen on Quest headsets. It features many incredible moments of bespoke gameplay, expert cinematic direction and sequences of god-like proportions.

However, it also wraps its best moments around an open world that feels fairly unsatisfying to explore and an RPG structure that sometimes feels as though it gets in the way of the main campaign. There's also very few Quest 3-specific upgrades in the game, featuring textures, lighting and an overall graphics presentation aimed at Quest 2.

This game isn't a tight linear experience – there's more of those below – but if you're looking for an expansive, near-overwhelming RPG to dig into, then Asgard's Wrath 2 is the best offering of that on Quest 3.

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Asgard’s Wrath 2 Review: Godly Scale, But At What Cost?
Asgard’s Wrath 2 presents Quest users with godly scale, but at what cost? Here’s our full review and final verdict.

16. Beat Saber

For the longest time, Beat Saber has been VR's poster child and one of its earliest (and continuing) successes. It's always been a natural fit on Quest, where you'll slash notes to the beat of the music, dodge obstacles and try to master a truly spectacular selection of first-class music tracks. It's an empowering, energetic and addictive VR game.

There's been plenty of new DLC added to Beat Saber over the years, including music packs featuring high-profile artists like Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Billie Eilish and many more. Plus, a recent update adds support for playing at 120Hz on Quest 3.

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Beat Saber Review 2022: Seminal VR Title Remains As Relevant As Ever
With regular updates, DLC releases and changes to the game since launch, Beat Saber remains VR’s poster child. Read on for our updated Beat Saber review for Quest 2, PSVR and PC VR. Years of Dominance It’s hard to understate Beat Saber’s influence on the VR industry.

15. Vampire: The Masquerade – Justice

As far as immersive first-person campaigns go, Vampire is one of the best available on Quest. Set in the World of Darkness universe, this Dishonored-style stealth game puts you in shoes of Justice, a vampire from the Banu Haqim clan seeking answers after a mysterious murder.

With a 10-15 hour campaign, Vampire: The Masquerade offers top-notch audiovisuals and a compelling amount of freedom in how you approach missions. There's a bunch of vampire-based mechanics and abilities to choose from, letting you set stealth traps or jump fang-first into the action. It's not without faults – there's some clunky design and occasional odd AI behavior, but nothing that can't be forgiven. Those seeking a solid vampire adventure through the canals of Venice should find themselves satisfied with what Justice has to offer.

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Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice Review – Quest & PSVR 2
Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice arrives later this week on Quest and PSVR 2. Read our review here:

14. Outta Hand

One of the best releases this year on Quest, Outta Hand takes Gorilla Tag's physical, gesture-based movement system and evolves it with new mechanics and a stretchier feel into something truly sublime.

Not only is the combination of thrilling platforming and combat really satisfying, but it's paired with an engaging, no-fills narrative, witty dialogue and beautiful environments. If you're looking for a short but sweet VR platforming campaign, then this Crash Bandicoot-inspired title is one you can't miss.

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Outta Hand Review: Short, Sweet & Sublime VR Platforming
Outta Hand is an absolute platforming thrill on Quest. Read our full review here:

13. Little Cities

Little Cities is the best city simulator game available on any VR platform, let alone Quest 2. It perfectly distills the formula down into a focused approach that emphasizes city management through design. Instead of getting bogged down in menus, the ebb and flow of your city will be determined by how you lay out the roads, key services and various elements provided to you.

It does all of this while being keenly aware of intelligent VR design. Everything in the game is designed to work optimally and intuitively in a VR headset. Even if you're not a fan of the city simulator genre, Little Cities is visually stunning and charming enough for anyone to enjoy. As you would expect, the game has also receive several post-launch content updates, including the Attractions UpdateSandbox UpdateSnowy Island DLC and recent Quest 3 visual enhancements as well.

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Little Cities Review: A Distilled City Simulator That Puts VR First
Little Cities presents a new take on the city simulator genre, built from the ground up for VR. While it takes a more relaxed approach than traditional titles, the result is a concise, native VR game with a solid foundation and plenty of room to expand. Read on for our

12. Demeo Battles

The original Demeo is one of our favorite VR experiences (and it's featured further down on this list) and Battles is the perfect extension, offering a standalone and alternative experience for those looking for something more competitive than co-operative.

Demeo is a co-op tabletop dungeon crawler with a wealth of campaigns for you and friends to work through, but Demeo Battles is an alternative player-vs-player version of the game that lets up to four players go head-to-head. You can join private lobbies or use online matchmaking to find games, with support for cross-platform play, mixed reality and hand tracking.

At release, there's a series of solo 'challenges' to work through on your own, but don't expect anything too in-depth – the progression system might leave you a little bit disappointed compared to games like Glassbreakers or Population: One. Much like Demeo, we're looking forward to seeing what new content is added to Battles over time – for now, we know that a ranked mode is coming soon.

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Demeo Battles Review: A New Iteration Of A Proven Success
Demeo Battles presents a new iteration of a proven success. But is it enough to justify a standalone release? Our full review:

11. Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places has been one of favorite indie experiences available on Quest for a while now, but it plays better than ever on Quest 3.

The game uses photogrammetry data to present you with 3D puzzles based on real places. Split into pieces, you can group sections of the puzzle and reference tiles around your environment as you piece the 3D model back together, often accompanied by thematic ambient recordings and sound effects.

On Quest 3, you're able to play Puzzling Places in mixed reality, which brings all the game's elements into your real environment. Not only does it make for a natural and comfortable extension of the experience, but it's just an obvious and solid evolution of an already fantastic concept. Technically, mixed reality is still an experimental feature, but once enable in the game's setting menu, it's unlikely you'll want to turn it off.

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Puzzling Places Oculus Quest Review: Stunning 3D Puzzles With Most Of The Right Pieces
Puzzling Places features some stunning photogrammetric 3D puzzles on Oculus Quest, but does it bring all the right pieces to the table? Here’s our full Puzzling Places review. Note: This review was originally published on September 2nd, 2021. It’s been a long journey to the Oculus Store for

10. Superhot

Superhot is one of the oldest games on this list. However, it's still one of the best examples of how VR can enable entirely new gaming experiences. Originally adapted from a flatscreen game, time only moves when you do in this cinematic shooter – stay still and everything around you will remain frozen too. The second you move your body, everything jolts back to life.

It features accessible design and a slickness that's rare to find in VR – from last-minute gun grabs to well-placed knife throws, there's so much satisfaction in working through Superhot's levels.

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Superhot VR Quest Review: The Best Version Of A Genuine Classic
When we first reviewed Superhot VR nearly three years ago we said this: “SUPERHOT VR is a pure, distilled, injection of unadulterated adrenaline that will get your blood pumping just as quickly as time stops in the game itself. With every movement you make, time creeps forward ever so slightly,

9. Cubism

Cubism is an understated but absolutely stunning VR puzzle game – and one that's deceptively simple. Each level features a 3D wireframe shape into which you have to fit different Tetris-like block pieces. The puzzles get harder and the pieces more complex – it’s a slow and measured puzzle experience.

While it may not be as flashy as some of the other titles on this list, Cubism is an experience that is perfectly designed for the current capabilities of Quest hardware. The minimalist design, reserved soundtrack and its simple nature all come together to create a fantastic and polished end product. It's is also regularly updated with support for the latest cutting edge VR features – its post-launch updates include support for mixed reality, hand tracking and 120Hz.

Similar to Puzzling Places, the mixed reality mode is a game-changer for Cubism on Quest 3, easily making it one of the best mixed reality experiences available on the headset right now.

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Cubism Review: A VR Puzzle Game With All The Right Pieces
In classic puzzle game form, Cubism is simple to understand but increasingly hard to master. But do its pieces fit together to form a perfect shape? Here’s our review of Cubism, available for Oculus Quest and PC VR. The basic premise of Cubism is as simple as it gets:

8. Resident Evil 4 VR

We had doubts that bringing a classic flatscreen title like Resident Evil 4 to VR would work. However, it not only survived the transition, but ended becoming one of the best games available on the Quest platform. This is the full campaign, ported into immersive first-person VR with motion control support.

There are some elements, like the use of virtual cutscenes, that are less than ideal, but the overall gameplay experience more than makes up for it. Fighting off hordes of enemies as Leon Kennedy is a thrilling experience and a wonderful way to revisit a classic.

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Resident Evil 4 VR Review: An Incredible Way To Revisit A Classic
There are clear issues with the port and you should play the original first, but Resident Evil 4 is still a powerful experience in VR. Read on for our Resident Evil 4 VR review. Like you, I’m sure, I was worried. Very worried, in fact. Fans are rightfully protective

7. Dungeons of Eternity

If you're looking for a fantasy action RPG that you can play with a group of friends, Dungeons of Eternity is the obvious pick. This first-person immersive experience feels significantly polished across all Quest headsets, allowing you and your friends to explore a variety of hack-n-slash combat options while clearing rooms in true "dungeon crawler" style.

Dungeons of Eternity caters to many styles of play, pairing a rewarding progression system with endless randomly generated dungeons. For an immersive first-person dungeon crawler, there's no better pick.

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Dungeons Of Eternity Review: One Of Co-Op’s Best On Quest
Dungeons of Eternity offers one of the best VR co-op adventures yet on Meta Quest headsets. Here is our full review.

6. Arizona Sunshine 2

Arizona Sunshine 2 is a fantastic VR campaign featuring pitch perfect writing, acting, pacing and outstanding action. It's everything you hope for in a sequel, taking everything that worked in the original and refining it to near-perfection. This time, you'll be joined on your adventure by canine companion Buddy, who you'll use for crowd control during intense action sequences and develop a relationship with across the course of the campaign.

This follow up to one of VR's seminal early hits reanimates the zombie genre and brings with it some of the most engaging and accessible arcade violence we've seen in VR. Plus, the entire campaign is playable in two-player co-op, just like the first game. Whether you're looking to dismember some zombies alone or with friends, Arizona Sunshine 2 is a great pick.

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Arizona Sunshine 2 Review: Reanimating A Dying Genre
Arizona Sunshine 2 launches this week on Quest, PSVR 2 and PC VR. Here’s our review:

5. Eye of the Temple

Eye of the Temple is one of the best examples of a game designed from the ground-up for VR – the end result is a triumphant room-scale platformer on Quest.

In this Indiana Jones-inspired adventure, you'll begin outside a large temple with a whip in one hand and torch in the other. Work your way deeper into the temple by completing puzzles and navigating platforming obstacles along the way.

The genius part of Eye of the Temple is how it handles movement – this is a true room-scale VR platformer, so almost all movement is real, physical movement around your play space. Some clever design tricks ensure you never have to worry about walking out of your play space or into your guardian (which also makes it a great experience for those who are starting out with VR).

Be warned though: you'll need a decent amount of space – Eye of the Temple requires a minimum play area of at least 2m x 2m.

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Eye Of The Temple Review: A Triumphant Room-Scale Adventure
Eye of the Temple is out today on Quest. Here’s our full review:

4. Walkabout Mini Golf

Mini golf is actually something that could and should work quite well in VR. Walkabout Mini Golf is all the proof you need; it's an accurate representation of the game that goes beyond what's possible in real life whilst also remaining authentic throughout.

This ticks all the boxes – plenty of courses, extensive multiplayer support, different themes for each level and, above all, pinpoint physics that are arguably better than the real thing because there's none of the small snags you'd find on the surface of physical courses. Hard to fault! Plus, the game receives ongoing support from developers Mighty Coconut, with regular free and paid DLC courses added over time.

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Walkabout Mini Golf Review: Essential VR Worth Scheduling With Friends
Walkbout Mini Golf is out today on PSVR 2 and one of VR’s essential games on any platform. Our review:

3. Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip was once the new kid on the block, but continual updates and new content has cemented the game as one of the best, most stylish arcade rhythm games around. Its sharpshooting, sharp sounding, beat-based gameplay proves even more hypnotic than Beat Saber and in our 2023 review update, we proclaimed Pistol Whip is now better than ever.

In this neon-lit shooter, you stream down corridors, blasting bad guys to grizzly tunes, avoiding incoming fire and trying to rack up the best scores by firing on-beat. Whereas Beat Saber wants to make you a dancing Jedi master, Pistol Whip aims to teach you John Wick-esque gun-fu with style, elegantly fusing the rhythmic and cinematic together into a pulsating, vibrant monster of its own.

Since launch, Cloudhead Games have continually supported Pistol Whip with more content, new features and extra tracks, making it one of the most entertaining and comprehensive arcade titles available on Quest.

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Pistol Whip 2023 Review: Better Than Ever
Pistol Whip has only grown since its release in 2019. Here’s our 2023 Pistol Whip review, covering everything added to the game since launch:

2. Assassin's Creed Nexus

There was a lot of understandable doubt about whether the Assassin's Creed franchise could survive the transition to VR and come out better on the other end. However, Nexus proves that Assassin's Creed can absolutely work in VR and manages to stand proud with the main series.

It present players with a 20-hour campaign that leaves you wanting more, demonstrating what a fully-fledged VR entry can do for a big franchise. Adapting the stealth, parkour and combat of the series into a new immersive format works wonders – Nexus is the most fun we've had with the Assassin's Creed franchise yet.

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1. Demeo

Demeo isn't a perfect tabletop game by any means. But it is a really good one and, more importantly, its first-rate four-player multiplayer VR experience makes it feel like a genuine social event in a way that no flatscreen game – and even few VR games – have ever really matched.

You pick a class and tackle randomly generated dungeons, but the game's punishing difficulty means sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to multiple hours. Demeo instantly cemented itself at launch as one of the best games on the Quest platform, but since then it's only got better with more content. Free updates from Resolution Games have given players all new campaigns to play through, such as Reign of MadnessCurse of the Serpent Lord and more. Plus, mixed reality support on Quest 3 is one of the best ways to play the game – especially when combined with controller-free hand tracking and colocation for local multiplayer.

Demeo is a must-have for any Quest 3 owner.

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Demeo Review - A Social VR Masterclass In An Engaging Tabletop RPG
Is Resolution Games’ most ambitious VR title yet its best? Find out in our Demeo review! Demeo is one of those times it works. Y’know, it; the whole promise of leapfrogging the miles between friends and family and experiencing a genuine social connection in virtual space via the magic

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